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National Parks & Monuments

A Dazzling Selection Of US And Canadian National Parks

The idea behind the formation of Rocky Mountain National parks and monuments more than a century ago was unique: North America’s most precious and beautiful spots should be preserved for everyone, not just the rich and powerful. Over the years, millions of travelers have experienced these beloved parks and monuments.

Let the majesty of Grand Teton National Park captivate your spirit. Explore Yellowstone, the granddaddy of them all, known as “Nature’s Amusement Park”. Tour Glacier National Park, with more than 700 miles of trails, lakes, glaciers, and forests. Marvel at lava formations that are thousands of years old in Craters of the Moon National Monument Park. Or connect with the ghosts of the past at Little Bighorn Battlefield. Choose from the following list of National parks and monuments.

National Parks

  • Glacier National Park, Montana – Called “North America’s Crown Jewel”. Boasts more than 700 miles of maintained trails, sparkling lakes, alpine glaciers, and deep forests.
  • Glacier National Park , British Columbia – Glacier National Park of Canada protects, for all time, a portion of the Columbia Mountains Natural Region, in the interior wet belt of British Columbia. The steep, rugged mountains, warm, moist climate and wide variety of plant and animal life are typical of this natural region.
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming/Montana/Idaho – Affectionately called “Nature’s Amusement Park”. Hike or backpack amid steaming hot springs, shooting geysers, and roaring waterfalls.
  • Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta – Spanning 203 miles of rugged mountains and wilderness. Part of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, designated as a World Heritage Site for its scenery and wealth of plant and animal species.
  • Mt Revelstoke National Park of Canada, British Columbia - Take a drive along the summit parkway through a variety of geographical zones. From dense old-growth rainforest of giant cedar and pine, travel up through subalpine forest, and finally alpine meadows and tundra.
  • Grand Teton National Park , Wyoming – Grand Teton preserves a spectacular landscape rich with majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and extraordinary wildlife. The abrupt vertical rise of the jagged Teton Range contrasts with the horizontal sage-covered valley and glacial lakes at its base, creating world-renowned scenery that attracts nearly four million visitors per year.
  • Nez Perce National Historical Park, Oregon/Idaho/Montana/Wyoming – Since time immemorial, the Nimiipuu or Nez Perce have lived among the rivers, canyons, and prairies of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Despite the cataclysmic change of the past two centuries, the Nez Perce are still here. Explore the park's 38 sites and experience the story of a people who are still part of this landscape.
  • Yoho National Park, British Columbia – One of Canada’s 41 national parks. Yoho is home to surging waters, looming peaks, pounding waterfalls, glacial lakes, and patches of pretty meadows.
  • Kootenay National Park, British Columbia – From glacier-clad peaks along the Continental Divide to semi-arid grasslands of the Rocky Mountain Trench, where cactus grows, Kootenay National Park is noted for its diversity of landscapes, ecology, and climate.
  • Banff National Park, Alberta – Canada’s first national park. Spanning 2,564 square miles of valleys, mountains, glaciers, forests, meadows, and rivers, Banff is one of the world's premier destination spots.
  • Jasper National Park of Canada, Alberta - Jasper is the largest and most northerly Canadian rocky mountain national park, part of a spectacular World Heritage Site. Comprised of delicate and carefully protected ecosystems, Jasper's scenery is none-the-less rugged and mountainous.

National Monuments

  • Craters of the Moon National Monument Park, Idaho – Contain more than 25 volcanic cones, including outstanding examples of spatter cones. The 60 distinct lava flows that form the Craters of the Moon Lava Field range in age from 2,000 to 15,000
  • Pompeys Pillar, Montana – One of America’s most famous sandstone buttes. It bears the only remaining physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, appearing on the trail today as it did 200 years ago. On the face of the 150-foot butte, Captain William Clark carved his name on July 25, 1806, during his return to the United States through the Yellowstone Valley.
  • Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana – Memorializes one of the last armed efforts of the Northern Plains Indians to preserve their way of life. In 1876, 263 soldiers and attached personnel of the U.S. Army, including Lt. Col. George A. Custer, met death at the hands of several thousand Lakota and Cheyenne warriors.
  • Fossil Butte National Monument, Wyoming – Contains 8,198 acres and protects a portion of the largest deposit of freshwater fish fossils in the world. The Visitors Center itself showcases more than 80 fossils, including a 13-foot crocodile, the oldest articulated bat, and a mass mortality of 356 fish.

Premier Northern Rocky Mountain National Parks & Monuments

Reach extraordinary new heights of travel. Use the Top 10 Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies to find the best national monuments.